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Global medical device manufacturer chooses PRISYM 360 to help meet the ever changing and complex labeling demands of regulatory compliance

Boston, United States, August 19, 2014:  PRISYM ID announced today that B. Braun Medical Inc., one of the largest global medical device manufacturers has selected PRISYM ID’s pioneering label lifecycle management solution, PRISYM 360 to help meet the highest standards for quality, safety, sustainability and efficiency for its products.

B. Braun manufactures medical devices, including a range of infusion therapy and pain management products such as IV sets, drug delivery systems, dialysis machines and disposables, pain control catheters and needles and trays. B. Braun selected PRISYM ID’s solution in order to help mitigate the common challenges faced by medical device manufacturers - for example, quality control, risk mitigation, auditability and improvements in operational efficiency.

Scott Hall, Director, Package Engineering & Product Identification at B. Braun commented, “With their extensive experience and knowledge in the medical sector, we selected PRISYM ID due to the company’s strong reputation in the industry and the capabilities of its technology.”

The implementation of PRISYM 360 later this year will help B. Braun achieve its business objectives. The single end-to-end platform will enable processes to be streamlined, reducing the time it takes to create, review, approve, version control, and execute various types of production print through numerous mechanisms, and will provide a complete audit trail of processes. Prior to engaging with PRISYM ID, B. Braun supported its business critical labelling operations with various disparate software applications.

Hal Plant, U.S. Systems Sales Manager, PRISYM ID said, “There is a growing trend led by proactive medical device companies which are beginning to take a more immediate and long-term strategic approach to the management of data and are implementing fully integrated end-to-end label lifecycle management systems that create, manage, disseminate, execute, and capture data safely, quickly, accurately, and securely. The deployment of such systems can increase efficiency by reducing or eliminating a number of unnecessary manual and redundant actions, improve quality control with the use of automated validation systems throughout the lifecycle and accelerate product to market. Moreover, in doing so the use of centralized data creates a robust platform for a ‘single version of the truth’ that can be used to generate and print labels ‘just in time’ – ensuring that the right information goes on the right product at the right time, every time.”

PRISYM 360 is a true web-based solution that supports multiple browsers and provides organizations with a holistic view of all their data assets. It provides a scalable platform designed to be rapidly deployed and validated without custom development due to its blend of pre-configured and configurable features.