PRISYM Chemica

Your Complete Solution for Chemical and Hazardous Substance Labeling to Meet GHS Label Requirements 


PRISYM ChemicaPRISYM Chemica offers manufacturers and distributors a secure, automated and accurate solution to meet chemical labeling requirements globally. It updates all hazardous substances documentation held in the system with the latest regulatory changes, making sure your organization maintains global labeling compliance.

Our chemical labeling software allows you to place the required international symbols/pictograms, text, branding and barcodes onto your labels in compliance with chemical industry regulations including GHS (Global Harmonized System) and CLP (Classification of Labels and Packaging of Chemical Substances and Mixtures).

It enables the management of chemical classifications and automates the production of labels and transit cards in multiple languages, ensuring global consistency. It also links to ERP and MRP systems to ensure that all information from production can be delivered to the label at time of print.

The chemical labeling solution is available for either single site or multi-location/global label production with fully auditable security protocols.

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Features & Benefits

PRISYM Chemica helps many Chemical manufacturers design labels for global distribution in compliance with CLP and GHS regulations.

  • Secure, automated and accurate chemical labeling for globally distributed products
  • Easy to use, familiar MS Office style solution for the creation, design and editing of labels minimizing staff training and getting the system up and running quickly.
  • Regular updates to European symbol/Global pictogram library for international chemical label compliance
  • Multi-language risk phrase/hazard statement and safety phrase/precautionary statement
  • Automated destination-specific labeling; double byte character support for Asian, Chinese and Arabic languages for seamless product rollout globally
  • Over 500 printer drivers within the software, specifically written by our expert developers to ensure high speed data transfer to a wide range of devices including thermal transfer printers, inkjet coders and RFID coders
  • Editions available for either single site or multi-site label production dependent on the size of your business

Download our PRISYM Chemica Datasheet to Learn More  


The PRISYM ID team has specialist knowledge to make sure you know the “do’s and don’ts” of chemical label design and label printing.

“PRISYM ID provided the greatest flexibility when it came to supporting our label printing requirements. We were impressed with the simplicity of the end solution which fulfilled our requirements for central data management, independence from specific printing technology/ manufacturers and a safe production environment for our production operators”

  • Thorough understanding of GHS (Global Harmonized System) and CLP (Classification of Labels and Packaging of Chemical Substances and Mixtures)
  • Support with sourcing validated materials and adhesives for chemical labeling that will withstand the harsh environments chemical labels require
  • 30 years' experience in the labeling and auto-identification market, working with a range of companies from start-ups to blue chip organizations
  • Experienced consultancy team to aid you with product rollout, configuration and training
  • Specialist expert developers building specific printer drivers to ensure high-speed data transfer to a wide range of devices
  • Specialist 24/7 software support services that will seamlessly manage your company’s needs from troubleshooting to upgrades, re-installation, and configurations

Download our PRISYM Chemica Datasheet to Learn More