Our Top 10 LinkedIn Posts in 2014

We're taking a look back at our most popular LinkedIn posts in 2014. We did it for intrigue, what we got was an education. 

Career opportunities are unsuprisingly popular considering the forum. Articles with an image, download or a number in the opening line also got a high amount of engagement, versus articles that were text-heavy. Noted for 2015. Common industry challenges like UDI and zero-defect labeling are also high on the list.

Here's our top 10, starting with the most popular:

  1. Careers at PRISYM ID
  2. 5 steps to getting the most from your label supplier 
  3. Download our UDI infographic
  4. Are you on Google+ too?
  5. Press Release: PRISYM ID is a Silver Sponsor at the Medical Devices Summit 2014
  6. The top 9 labeling challenges
  7. The ABCs of IQ, OQ, PQ
  8. We're hiring
  9. The War on Error
  10. Labeling Challenges Blog: Achieving zero-defect labeling

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