PRISYM 360 Launch

A Revolution in Labeling

Today, product recalls caused by labeling and packaging defects, UDI compliance, label rework, just in time printing, local language requirements and automated label inspection (to name just a few) all have an impact on  medical device production processes. So its easy to see why companies focus so much attention on labeling. However, a broader view of the procedure is essential. In the battle to deliver safe, accurate and compliant product information, it’s not just about the quality of the label – it’s also about the data.

PRISYM ID has brought together all of our industry knowledge gained by delivering labeling solutions to 12 out of the top 20 leading Medical Device Manufacturers to create an elite core solution, PRISYM 360. Providing a powerful, comprehensive, scalable and validatable solution, PRISYM 360 offers complete label integrity from data management to design and approval through to label production and inspection.

With PRISYM 360, the costly mislabeling of medical devices  has become avoidable. By providing a 360° outlook of your organization’s master data assets and giving the ability to control and optimize them to create a fully integrated approach across the lifecycle, we can transform your production and labeling process into an error-free operation.