PRISYM ID is a leading label lifecycle management solutions provider, with many year's experience implementing compliant solutions for our customers. Here we discuss best practices and interesting industry updates that we've come across.


What is GMP?

WHAT IS IT? Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance is part of a quality system covering the manufacture and testing of medical devices, active pharmaceutical ingredients, diagnostics, foods and pharmaceutical products. GMP standards are concerned with both production and quality control.

What is the FDA?

WHAT IS IT? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) governs health and human services in the United States. It protects public health by enforcing safety and security regulations for drugs, vaccines, and other biological products and medical equipment.

HIBC or GS1- Which Way Should We Go?

There’s been an ongoing debate regarding two barcode systems for medical products, HIBC and GTIN from GS1. There’s a school of thought that the industry needs to standardize on one system. But which option is better? And do we really need to pick just one?