PRISYM ID is a leading label lifecycle management solutions provider, with many year's experience implementing compliant solutions for our customers. Here we discuss best practices and interesting industry updates that we've come across.


Mission Possible; Streamlining Label Validation

For many years, validating labeling processes has felt like an impossible mission for global medical device manufacturers, and has in some ways become a major barrier to the deployment of new systems for the fear of lengthy testing cycles and spiraling costs. Yet Label Lifecycle Management (LLM) is a mission critical ‘must have’ for life sciences organization that need to streamline processes, reduce labeling errors and mitigate risk.

'Labeling Trends' Blog Series #3 Keeping the FDA from your Door – Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

In a recent survey, 43% of responders were not confident or were unsure as to whether their current labeling solution would do everything required beyond 2015. With regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11 to comply to and others coming to fruition including FDA UDI, medical device manufacturers whether large or small need to be change.

The Useful Guide to Unique Device Identification

For the sake of patient safety, the ability to track and trace medical devices at a global level is paramount. However there are some key considerations to be aware of when implementing UDI.

'Labeling Trends' Blog Series #2 Playing a Tactical Game – Efficiencies through Labeling Postponement

Labeling as part of the supply chain is a costly business for medical device companies. With the bottom-line being a priority for any organization, seeking areas to deliver better efficiencies is key. Yet finding those hidden gems isn’t always easy, even when it’s under our noses.Labeling postponement may be one such gem.

FDA launches website to track medical devices with IDs

The implications of product recall are well understood, and they serve as an operational driver for a change of approach. But the latest FDA announcement that its online Global Unique Device Identification Database, AccessGUDID, is now available to the public brings the labeling of medical devices under unprecedented levels of scrutiny – with ramifications not only for manufacturers but also throughout the entire supply chain.

'Labeling Trends' Blog Series #1 The Data Management Headache

Never has the integrity of medical device labels been so scrutinized. As medical care evolves and the devices used become more refined, organizations need to uniquely identify devices to prevent adverse events occurring.

[BLOG SERIES] 7 Labeling Pain Points and How to Overcome Them

For any business, managing change is a constant challenge. This is particularly true in life science industries where regulatory changes and supply chain efficiencies are ever present and constantly evolving.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Survey results show labeling is critical to medical device companies

A 2015 survey carried out by PRISYM ID into the key labeling challenges for the medical device and life sciences industries, has identified regulatory compliance and supply chain efficiency as the key drivers for organizations needing to change or adapt their packaging and labeling operations.

The Proposal

How better engagement, frank disclosure and shared long-term goals can help medical device companies marry the right labeling partner. PRISYM ID’s Dave Taylor explains why it’s all about the proposal.