‘Labeling Challenges’ Blog Series, Issue #4: Reduce waste and spend - Insert management on demand

It is a constant struggle for medical device, pharmaceutical and clinical trial organizations to keep on top of all the newest regulations, certifications and required updates in a timely fashion. In this day and age of ever changing policies and country-specific labelling requirements, maintaining booklets has become a cumbersome manual process ̶ and they are expensive to produce.

Multipage booklets are costly for organizations to manufacture because any required change means the entire booklet needs to be updated and reprinted. The ability to print single page instructions on demand is more economical and efficient and can be version controlled. Printing IFUs on demand helps ensure you include the right information with the right product in the right language – every time.

Proven benefits from current case studies show:
• Stronger version control processes
• Reduction in waste and space
• Ease of new market adaption management
• Up to $8 million in annual savings

View this recent infographic for a more detailed breakdown of these benefits: