‘Labeling Challenges’ Blog Series, Issue #3: Managing the complexities of global labeling requirements

All global manufacturers, including medical device manufacturers, wrestle with country of origin labeling requirements in one way or another. It can be especially confusing and complex in an environment where kits or packs are assembled, such as instrument manufacturing, or where complex devices are sold – which may include supply components from many territories.

As companies like yours expand into new manufacturing territories, country of origin labeling requirements can slow your business down if you are not adequately prepared. How can you be confident and fully prepared to meet country of origin requirements head-on? The best way is to make sure that the appropriate processes and procedures are built into the packaging and labeling process ahead of time, rather than leaving the interpretation of regulations to the production line.

One way to alleviate the complexity is to be proactive about moving to a lifecycle labeling system if you haven’t done so already. A labeling software system will help you manage your data more effectively and assist with every aspect of your overall labeling process, including adherence to country of origin requirements.

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