‘Labeling Challenges’ Blog Series, Issue #2: Expansion and global labeling – Controlling the chaos

The medical device industry landscape is constantly in a state of flux with billions of dollars changing hands on a daily basis. Expansions. Mergers. Acquisitions. Restructuring. Spinouts. Downsizing. New regulations. Emerging markets. It’s all enough to make your head spin.

As medical device companies like yours expand by experiencing growth or through mergers and acquisitions, the affect on packaging and labeling operations can be significant. Perhaps a new geography is being introduced. Or, a new range of products is making its debut in the market. Or, perhaps your manufacturing operations are moving to 24/7 and changing to adhere to a raft of import restrictions.

Regardless of the method of growth your company is experiencing, you will need to always be prepared to extend and maintain control of your manufacturing labeling process throughout and after the growth period. Many companies have chosen to standardize on a Label Lifecycle Management system in order to maintain some control throughout corporate expansion activities. Besides offering you improved label integrity and consistency, a labeling software system can help you unify and integrate your labeling efforts across new, global business units and acquired companies. A labeling software system can also improve standardization efforts on a global basis and reduce the need for manually monitoring the labeling process.

Stay tuned for our next Labeling Challenges blog post in August: Issue #3: Country of Origin Labeling

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