Medical Device Labeling: It’s challenging – We understand your angst! Introducing the 'Labeling Challenges' blog series...

Regardless of the industry that you are in, labeling can be seen as a daunting task with many associated challenges. And that is especially true in the medical device, pharmaceutical and clinical trials industry.

New regulations, a global economy and changing requirements all play a significant role in the complexity of label design and production. We recently polled our customers to get their thoughts on the challenges they are facing and which ones are the most difficult to resolve. We found that the most pressing challenges facing them are:

  • Language management
  • Changing packaging and labeling requirements due to expansion
  • Label defect control
  • UDI labeling/GS1 compatibility

Fortunately, complete label lifecycle management systems can certainly help to address these major challenges – and more. Labeling systems are a great way to manage global labeling data, helping companies capture, store, and disseminate labeling data quickly, safely and accurately.

Want to learn more? Join us in our ongoing Challenge Blog Series as we address each of the nine labeling challenges companies like yours are facing and share suggestions on how to resolve them.

Download Our Infographic To See The Results Of Our Poll