Case Studies

ExxonMobil installs PRISYM Solution

ExxonMobil is one of the world leading supplier of lube base stocks and marketer of finished lubricants and offer a full range of mineral and synthetic lubricants, a wide spectrum of base stocks, as well as asphalt and specialty products like waxes, process oils and white oils. ExxonMobil products are sold under the Esso, Exxon, Mobil and ExxonMobil brands.

Goals & Challenges

The main project goal was to find a unique label printing solution for all plants and distributions in the Europe-Africa-Middle East Region. This requires central data management and a huge requirement for risk and safety instructions together with a global routing and validation of multi-language risk & safety phrases.

To be independent of any printing technology or manufacturers of label printers, ExxonMobil was looking for a supplier with extensive experience in label design and printing. Support for a wide range of different label printer was set to the same level of importance as 24/7 support all over the world.

In addition, the production environment needed to be safe and easy to use for production operators. The layout definition needed to be database driven and all required fonts - even for Middle and Far East languages such as Arabic and Hebrew – had to be part of the database and processed by the printing solution.

The Solution

PRISYMID has been delivering high quality labeling and Auto ID solutions to companies in a wide range of industries for over 20 years and a long partnership of over 10 years with ExxonMobil. We bring together a combination of skills, experience, products and services that are unique in the labeling and identification market especially for chemical industries.

The PRISYM design software, version 5 offers more than 500 native drivers for nearly any label printing technology such as thermal transfer printing, inkjet systems or laser coding solutions. Together with our generic printing device, you could separate the label design and validation process completely from the production printing part.

Based on our experience for secure and customized labeling solutions, we offered an easy to use and secure production printing solution called Exxon Pro Printer. The total package offered to ExxonMobil consists on a regularly delivered data pack from ExxonMobil, the PRISYM Design software for design & printing and the Exxon Pro Printer Software which offers easy data selection combined with various preview options.


The Result

To offer a simple installation and configuration process to IT departments within the plants, the setup software was split into our standard PRISYM Design installation paired with a customized setup for the Exxon Pro Printer software. This allowed an easy setup for the different plant requirements and printers by simply:

  • Entering the product code
  • Filling in the requested prompted variables
  • Checking the preview
  • Start printing

The solution is easy to use as all data collection is done in the background; fully transparent to the user. The whole printed data, the selected layout and even requested variables are completely driven by the ExxonMobil database and compliant global market regulations for the petro chemical industry and to ExxonMobil safety regulations.



"PRISYM ID provided the greatest flexibility when it came to supporting our label printing requirements .We were impressed with the simplicity of the end solution which fulfilled our requirements for central data management, independence from specific printing technology/ manufacturers and a safe production environment for our production operators"

Thomas Heitmann
Packaging Advisor